Artificial Intelligence

Module 0: Course Tour

Tour stop 1

Every module will start with an executive summary that gives you a very short summary of what will be covered in that module and how long the module is expected to take


Executive Summary

  • Topics: There will be a list of topics for each module
  • Length: The module will say how many weeks it should take to complete 
  • Assigned chapters: Assigned reading will be listed here
  • Project: If there is a project associated with the module, the summary will mention it (but it gets its own section below). 


Tour stop 2

The next piece of each module will be a short writeup motivating the topic.  This is typically a few paragraphs.

Module discussion

Each module will have a short writeup with motivation and a broad overview of what you will do in the module.  It will tie to other modules as needed.


Tour stop 3

The third part of each module will be the main topics that will be covered in that module.  They are shown in a series of colored blocks, organized by subtopic.  

Topics for Module 1

Topic 1: Why color bubbles for topics

Each bubble holds the videos and text and assignments for that subtopic.  I used color bubbles to group subtopics visually.

Topic 2: lots of topics 

Each module will have 3-4 bubbles of subtopics

Topic 3: fun topics

Each one should be fun to learn about!


Tour stop 4

After the main topics, if there is a project associated with the module, there will be information about the project.


Project Example

The project assignment will appear here


Tour stop 5

The final part of each module will be a suggested schedule.  While it is not required that you follow this exactly, the intent is that you can follow the schedule and not fall behind (a danger in online classes!).

Suggested schedule for module 0

Week 1 (Aug 22)

  • Complete this tour in one day