Introduction to AI

Module 5: Multi-agent systems examples

Multi-Agent systems examples

As we said before, there could be an entire class on multi-agent systems and there hopefully will be such a class someday soon at OU.  For now, I have added a few examples that I often show in the in-person class just to show the variety of multi-agent systems.  


Robocup is a really cool multi-agent robot soccer competition.  Eventually they want to be able to play against humans.  They have a variety of leagues including simulation and different sized robots.  Check out their webpage and make a point to go to their YouTube channel and watch some of the videos of the different kinds of robots.

Search and Rescue robots

Another fun example of multi-agent systems is search and rescue robots.  Here the robots can work together as a team but they must also coordinate with humans.  While there are lots of people working on search and rescue with robots, here is one center to learn more about the topic.

Additional examples

Your task for this page is to find additional ideas and examples of multi-agent systems where AI is in use and to post them to #general.  I’ll add links in here as you all post!